Our Brands

To us a social conscience means thinking globally and acting in a way that promotes a healthier planet and more prosperous environment for all of its inhabitants.  Traits that signify a social conscience include; sustainable or fair-trade practices; use of eco-friendly, recycled, or organic materials; philanthropic or charitable collaborations; and domestic, hand-made or skilled labor production.

Every brand and item featured will at least one of these "socially conscious" traits so when you are shopping you can rest assured what you are buying has been produced ethically and responsibly by people and organizations who share our vision for a happy planet.

GGO, Fine Organic Clothiers: Founded in the early 1990's GGO "crafts garments for the active urban lifestyle."  Utilizing a range of specially developed fabrics including organic bamboo and a buttery smooth polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.  All of the fabrics and garments are produced locally near their Los Angeles home helping sustain local communities and provide a high quality product.  You can learn more about them here. We know you will fall in love with the silky textures, flattering silhouettes and functionality that will take you from day-to-night.

Indigenous is the poster child for sustainable style and have been doing business for over thirteen years.  Their luxurious fabrics are all eco-friendly or organic, down to the free range alpacas that enjoy life in the Peruvian Andes. They work with artisans around the world to bring handcrafted and fair trade knitwear to the fashion savvy. They even use low impact dyes to create the seasonal and trend driven colors and purchase local "green power" for their Santa Rosa,CA headquarters.  Learn more about them here.

Leelah, Having stumbled upon the Papaya!/Leelah flagship store in Ashland,OR during an epic road-trip adventure in 2012. I was instantly enamored of the playful and pretty designs that are better known by their parent company Papaya!.  All the artwork is designed and hand=printed just north of Ashland in their Medford studio. To see more from Papaya!/Leelah go here.

Lonesome George & Co., "Lonesome George & Co. is a social enterprise that combines branded apparel and experiential education to ignite a mind shift towards global interdependence." They outfit and are agents of change.  Inspired by Lonesome George himself, who sadly died in June 2012, Lonesome George & Co. not only produce high quality organic clothes, but have also created The Academy of Agents of Change designed to create leaders in the community to ensure that our environment and all its species are protected and preserved, partnering with Outward Bound to create a generation of Agents of Change.  To learn more about all the programs visit Lonesome George & Co.

Mata Traders, The result of a 4 month long exploration of India by three college friends, Mata Traders' mission it "to work with organizations that educate, employ, and empower women." Working with women's cooperatives in India and Nepal employing economically disadvantaged artisans who enter the co-ops with little or no work skill.  All their producer groups are democratically structured and provide benefits such as medical check-ups, overtime pay and childcare.  All of the products from Mata Traders are handmade and fair trade and truly unique on top of it.  Learn more about our friends at Mata here.

NearFar, A love of travel and an obsession with finding exquisite handicrafts led founder Stephanie Hogg to start NearFar.  Based in the UK and working with artisan studios in Sierra Leone to build beautifully crafted and ethically produced goods, NearFar helps to create stable work environments and training for the artisans and tailors providing them the opportunity to grow and thrive in a difficult market. These beautiful styles are as much works of art as they are fashion statements. Learn more about the tailors that craft these beautiful garments here.

Soldat, "The word "soldat" means "soldier" in Swedish.  The suit we wear to get to where we want in life and business is our uniform."  That in mind Soldat is designed for professional women who want to be taken seriously while still showing some serious style.  Based in Los Angeles and utilizing eco-friendly fabrics we cannot wait to grow along with this emerging brand.  Find out more here