The Price of Fashion

The cost of fashion is high especially when your clothes are cheap to buy. The price of that t-shirt you are looking at may only be $15 and that seems reasonable to most consumers, especially in our current economically repressed society. But the lower price tag is usually indicative of lower standards in the manufacturing and production of the garments, whether it is underpaid or overworked employees or sub-standard working environments. These are commonplace practices in “fast fashion” and affordable fashion industries, and it is not really a revelation to most consumers. Events such as the Bangladeshi factory collapse bring conversations about ethical fashion to the forefront for a period of time and everyone talks about what we need to do to change things, but then 6 months later we find ourselves in “Back to School” mode and consumers are bombarded by ads for Kmart and cheap clothes once again.  We here at Bittersweet by Design know that our clothes are more expensive than what you are used to and we stand behind our clothes and our prices. Our prices reflect our standards and we want you to buy less clothes and wear the clothes you do buy longer. Some basic calculations will tell you this is actually “cheaper” in the long run than buying cheaply made clothes on a regular basis. We want you to be return customers with us, but not to buy the same thing over and over again. We could go on and on about this issue and maybe one day there will be a New York Times Op-ed by yours truly...Instead let me just quote the great Vivienne Westwood “I think it is ecologically friendly [and in our humble opinion ethical] that clothes should be expensive”.