The magic of MAGIC

If you are not an apparel industry insider you have probably never heard of MAGIC. Do not fret, prior to my first year of college and paying good money to learn about “Fashion Design” I hadn't either. And even hearing about it does not do justice to what MAGIC is. To my knowledge “MAGIC” does not stand for anything, but I always just say it is 'where the magic happens'. It is where fashion becomes a multi-billion dollar industry. It is like a shopping mall on every performance enhancing drug in existence.  To be fair MAGIC is actually 10 different trade shows all under the umbrella of “WWDMagic” or “Magic Market Week.” Concurrent to these 10 trade shows there are a dozen or so other apparel & lifestyle trade shows taking place at the same time. Each one slightly different but all with the same underlying goal-connect: designers and brands to retailers and buyers. It is exhausting and inspiring simultaneously. All taking place under the glowing neon light of the Las Vegas strip, where the energy of the city drives you to “just keep going”.

Having attended last year with a vague idea about “Sustainable Style” and a semi-business plan in my brain I spent my time mostly wandering wide-eyed, talking to anyone I could. My general shock was acceptable and allowed me to take in the sights and just absorb what I was looking at. This year as an actual business owner I had a much more difficult task and did my best to stick to it. I am very excited about all of the new partnerships that I have formed as well as the prospective leads for more (I’m looking at you men!) and I cannot wait to introduce you all to the new brands and products that are doing their part to cultivate a better world with fashion!

Bring on the new arrivals!