Change your Clothes, Change the World

New Year’s Resolutions…the Sisyphean task we attempt each year, but rarely feel satisfied or “resolved”. My resolution for 2014 is (to continue with mythological references) a Herculean task: Change the world, by getting you to change the way you buy clothes.


Do you loathe cleaning your closet? Are you unnaturally attached to each and every single item that occupies your wardrobe? I mean, like even the socks with holes in them?  Okay, maybe I am a bit extreme in this capacity, but I want you to understand my full meaning when I say “I love clothes.” I have a deep seeded emotional attachment to the items in my closet and I think everyone should feel this way towards the garments that they wear and purchase...okay maybe you can throw away holey socks...but, if you do not have an emotional reaction to your possessions what is the point of possessing them?

That has always been my thought and I say that as someone who owns a PEZ dispenser collection-completely useless but for delivering sugar pills in an entertaining manner. But I digress, if you do not love your clothes it is time to give them to someone who will, and find clothes that you do love, that you will cherish and treasure objects that become heirlooms, or become something else altogether. Your old shirt is someone else's new favorite necklace...think about it.

Happy New Year!